Barbara Sih, J.D.


Barbara discovered DreamCatchers during her 2007-2012 term as a Trustee on the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board. Prior to serving on the board, Barbara's PAUSD career included classroom teaching, curriculum development in math, teacher training and public policy. Having worked extensively on the district's Strategic Plan, Barbara recognized the important niche that DreamCatchers fills for our middle school students. She decided to dedicate her post-trustee professional work to the organization.

Barbara holds a B.S. from Cornell, a J.D. from Yale, and an M.A. in Elementary Education from N.Y.U. She has taught reading intervention to struggling readers and math problem-solving to high achievers. In her capacity as an elementary math district specialist, Barbara had the privilege of working with educators throughout PAUSD. She is inspired by the prospect of supporting our DreamCatchers Stanford and local high school volunteers with the wisdom and professional expertise of our PAUSD educators and an expanded circle of community supporters.

DreamCatchers is focusing on middle school math. Building on her experience as a teacher and math specialist in PAUSD, Barbara is working with Miguel and a cracker-jack team of local math educators to design math activities, curriculum, and practices that will reinforce conceptual understanding, foundational skills, and the student confidence in math. They are guided by the recommendations and objectives of the PAUSD Minority Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee report (Report to the PAUSD Board of Education) and the district's work on bringing the new Common Core standards into the classroom (Common Core).


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