We're proud to work with our incredible professional and educational partners


Early Start Teachers

A team of Palo Alto Unified School District educators and middle school teachers help us kick off the school year by leading and co-teaching our afterschool classes with our Stanford student leaders. They are a familiar and welcoming presence for our students and great mentors for our Stanford leaders.


Francisco Lacayo
JLS Middle School Social Studies




Kourtney Kientzy           Lizzie DeKraai
Jordan Middle School       Palo Alto High School                    Math                                English


Math Advisory Board

Education experts in math help lead our classrooms and guide our curriculum.

Suz Antink
District TOSA for Secondary


Becky Rea
Terman Middle School

Jennifer DiBrienza
Stanford PhD
Former STEP Instructor


Josh Spira
Jordan Middle School

Marianne Chowning Dray
Eastside College Prep


Marlo Kitch
Eastside College Prep

Robin Levy
Jordan Middle School

Elizabeth Fee
JLS Middle School


Thank you to our community partners!