Listen to Fairley's transformative journey tutoring and leading DreamCatchers.


Become a DreamCatchers Tutor


Our tutors dedicate their time to one DreamCatchers student throughout the school year and work together on developing the skills required to succeed in secondary school and beyond.  Tutors develop a meaningful mentoring relationship, gain valuable experience working closely with youth, and inspire students to becoming lifelong learners.


  • Work with a middle school student for one evening (two hours) each week throughout the school year to help this student improve in school by completing challenging homework assignments together, developing time management skills, and practicing organizational skills.

  • Build a mentoring relationship with your student by participating in fun, engaging, and thoughtful classroom activities, designed to promote communication and inspire a passion for learning in both students and tutors.

  • Acquire training and experience in tutoring and mentoring, using the growth mindset model and skills taught by DreamCatchers and PAUSD professional staff.

  • Share delicious, nutritious snacks with your student prepared by our DreamCatchers staff at every session.


Academic year, 2 hours/week.  Training provided at fall orientation and throughout the school year.

Available Program Times

Tutors are matched with an individual student and attend one classroom session consistently throughout the year.

Mondays: 4-6PM or 6-8PM
Tuesdays: 6-8PM
Wednesdays: 4-6PM or 6-8PM
Thursdays: 6-8PM

This program has really helped me grow as a person. I’ve loved building trust and friendship with my DreamCatchers student. He always made my week better.
— DreamCatchers Tutor

Become a Classroom Director


Our Classroom Directors are Stanford students who lead a classroom of middle school students and tutors and create a vibrant atmosphere that makes learning fun and rewarding. Classroom Directors gain invaluable experience leading and managing a classroom, receive mentorship and support from experienced educators, and work with a dedicated team of peers who believe in the potential of our students.


  • Work directly with our students and tutors by leading the after-school academic program for a classroom of 15 student-tutor pairs two evenings per week.

  • Serve as the point of contact for your assigned classroom when tutors, students, or parents have questions regarding your classroom of students.

  • Build and maintain relationships with students and tutors while at the program.

  • Collaborate with the program director and other classroom directors to plan and facilitate academic program activities, foster a sense of community, and teach core study skills.

  • Collaborate DreamCatchers' professional staff to develop individualized academic plans for each student.

  • Receive professional support from experienced professionals on staff and in the PAUSD community, who observe your work in the classroom and provide feedback/advice throughout the school year.

  • Note: Spanish fluency and teaching and/or counseling experience are highly beneficial, but not required.


One program session (see days/times below), plus one to two hours a week of preparation/training per week during the academic year.  


$12.50/hr part-time, work study funding, or volunteer position


Mondays & Wednesdays: 4-6PM
Mondays & Wednesdays: 6-8PM
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6-8PM

Every time I came back from DreamCatchers, I just seemed so jazzed and elated from the experience.
— Fairley Nickerson, Classroom Director


Other Volunteer Roles

Every kid is getting service from so many different angles—from the counselors, the math teacher, the science teacher. The Program Director knows every parent and what every student is good at and struggles with. It’s incredible.
— Stanford student leader

Our DreamCatchers Team is responsible for leading a nonprofit organization founded by Stanford students.  Professional DreamCatchers staff members provide support and mentorship, and our volunteer team provides essential service and leadership.  Volunteer team members gain experience learning how to work with students, managing our finances, helping to recruit other volunteers, and building strong relationships with students' parents.


Parent Engagement Coordinator


  • Build relationships with students' parents and use effective approaches to engage parents in the program

  • Call parents and coordinate drop-off and pick-up of students at the program, as well as parents' attendance at special program events including the family welcome event, parent-tutor conferences, and end-of-year celebrations

  • Note: Spanish fluency is strongly recommended


Academic year, 2-4 hrs/wk

Social Media Manager


  • Post regular updates on our Facebook page, Instagram, and website to inform the community about recent events and exciting aspects of the DreamCatchers program

  • Build a community of followers and friends on Facebook and Instagram

  • Write articles and stories about our program, students, and organization events to be published on social media sites as well as in our newsletter, donor materials, and website

  • Interview students, parents, and tutors to write personal, moving narratives about the program's impact on the lives of members of the DreamCatchers community


Academic year, 2-4 hrs/wk

Student Group Financial Manager


  • Work closely with the Executive Director to develop organizational budget and fiscal goals

  • Receive financial officer training through the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) on financial management for student groups

  • Keep track of expenditures and Student Group finances throughout the year

  • Secure Stanford student group funding through the ASSU quarter, including working with the DreamCatchers leadership team to prepare, present, and defend a budget before the ASSU

  • Process reimbursements to facilitate smooth day-to-day operations of the program


Academic year, 2-4 hrs/wk

Recruiter & Outreach Coordinator


  • Collaborate with a dedicated, energetic team of fellow recruiters and our professional staff to build visibility in the Stanford and Palo Alto communities

  • Recruit an amazing team of Stanford student volunteers by leading information sessions, speaking at house meetings, tabling at activities fairs, posting flyers on campus, and more

  • Hold informal meetings with potential volunteers and supporters to provide more information about DreamCatchers and scope out great potential additions to the volunteer team.

  • Organize and lead events to cultivate a strong sense of community within DreamCatchers across staff, tutors, and parents


Academic year, 2-4 hrs/wk


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