Sarah Mummah



Dr. Sarah Mummah founded DreamCatchers in 2008 as a Stanford student, after learning about Palo Alto's shockingly large, and persistent, achievement gap. Determined to do something it, she knew her friends would feel similarly, so she recruited a group of likeminded peers and community partners to help launch the organization.

During Dr. Mummah's four-year tenure as Executive Director, DreamCatchers was recognized by the City of Palo Alto with a Community Star Award for Outstanding Public Service, U.S. Congress Special Recognition, the Stanford Bingham Fund for Student Innovation, and a Stanford Community Partnership Award. In 2010, she was invited to present her work with DreamCatchers at Stanford’s Leading Matters Bay Area Conference and at the Leadership Luncheon hosted by Cap and Gown, Stanford’s Honor Society for Women Leaders.

Dr. Mummah served as President of the DreamCatchers Board of Directors from 2012-2017.

At IDEO, the award-winning global innovation firm, she now leads design thinking processes to guide innovation and behavior design for products, systems, and services. She consults with organizations around designing for behavior change and has advised Fortune 500 companies and startups including Google and Facebook.

A Fulbright Scholar and two-time Gates Cambridge Scholar, Dr. Mummah holds three degrees from Stanford and Cambridge Universities, including a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science.


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