One-on-One Tutor



We seek motivated, thoughtful high-school and college-age students who will dedicate their time to one DreamCatchers middle school student throughout the school year, working together on developing the skills required to succeed in middle school and beyond.  Our Tutors develop a meaningful mentoring relationship with their student.


  • 2.5 hours/week in an after-school classroom setting

  • Matched with one middle school student for the academic year

  • An ongoing commitment throughout the year to show up regularly (your student is counting on you!)

  • Attend one initial Saturday training session as well as shorter bi-weekly trainings right after class


Available time slots (please choose 1):

  • Wednesdays 4-6 PM

  • Wednesdays 6-8 PM

  • Thursdays 6-8 PM


  • Palo Alto High School, Science Building classrooms


Classroom Tutor


Gain valuable experience working closely with middle school students, and inspire them to become lifelong learners. You will work with a variety of learners rather than just one student, filling in where needed.


  • 2.5 hours a week in an after-school classroom setting

  • 30 minute training after class, once a month

  • Attend 1 Saturday training session


Available time slots:

  • Mondays 4-6 PM

  • Mondays 6-8 PM

  • Tuesdays 6-8 PM


  • Palo Alto High School, Science Building classrooms


Classroom Director


(7-8 hrs/week)

Lead a classroom of middle school students and tutors and create a vibrant atmosphere that makes learning fun and rewarding. Classroom Directors gain invaluable experience managing a classroom, receive mentorship and support from experienced educators, and work with a dedicated team of peers who believe in the potential of our students


  • Work 2.5 hours twice a week in an after-school setting

  • Attend an initial 2-hour training session followed by 1.5 hour biweekly weekend training sessions

  • $15.00/hr part-time or work study funding

  • Lead a classroom of 15-18 student-tutor pairs

  • Work as a team under the onsite supervision of our professional staff

  • Collaborate with the program director and other classroom directors to plan and facilitate academic program activities, foster a sense of community, and teach core study skills.

  • Participate in some classroom roles such as grading papers, setting up/cleaning up the classroom, setting up snack, and keeping track of attendance


Available time slots (please choose 1):

  • Monday/Wednesday 4-6 PM

  • Monday/Wednesday 6-8 PM

  • Tuesday/Thursday 6-8 PM


  • Palo Alto High School, Science Building classrooms


Student Group Financial Officer


  • Work closely with the Executive Director to develop organizational budget and fiscal goals

  • Receive financial officer training through the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) on financial management for student groups

  • Keep track of expenditures and Student Group finances throughout the year

  • Secure Stanford student group funding through the ASSU and The Stanford Fund, including working with the DreamCatchers leadership team to prepare, present, and defend budget proposals before the ASSU and The Stanford Fund.

  • Work with the leadership team and volunteers to fulfill The Stanford Fund stewardship obligations, including letter and postcard writing.

  • Process reimbursements to facilitate smooth day-to-day operations of the program


  • Academic year, 4 hrs/month