Students and volunteers share their reflections.

Our Stanford student leaders, volunteer tutors, and DreamCatchers staff work together as an integrated team so that every student gets the support they need, when they need it.  


“I love the support especially from the Stanford students. This is just a really great opportunity for me. Our classroom director, Miguel, he’s been an amazing guy.”

-Dream Catchers Student


“Every kid is getting service from so many different angles—from the counselors, the math teacher, the science teacher. The Program Director knows every parent and what every student is good at and struggles with. It’s incredible.”

-Stanford Student Leader


“I enjoy having teachers that understand me and help me in any way they can. Even if I am doing fine, they still check in on me. The support I get here has helped me become a better student, as well as a better person.”

-DreamCatchers Student

“So often times the student that comes into DreamCatchers is not the same student that comes out—simply because no one had really given them a chance before.”

-DreamCatchers Classroom Director


“We are very grateful for this program. The influence of our daughter's tutors has inspired her to dream of being a professional and attending a university.”

-DreamCatchers Parent


“DreamCatchers is the best place to be when you have a lot of homework. I feel really comfortable here and asking questions. The whole staff supports us. It's been an amazing time here.”

-DreamCatchers Student